What is Hasaria? 

HASARIA LONDON is a brand which produces bespoke luxury nightwear for special nights. Whether it is a wedding night, honey moon or anniversary, wearing your exclusive HASARIA design will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.  

The inspiration and concept? 

The brand itself is inspired by the culture of Arabia and Pakistan. Aneesa Qureshi is the woman behind HASARIA. British born Pakistani who travelled to Dubai every year as a teen found her influence within the beauty of the Eastern culture. She graduated from London College of Fashion, BA Fashion Contour which specialises in Lingerie, Nightwear and Evening wear and has a Masters in Marketing and Brand Management from Kingston University. Aneesa also has a love for scent which she bases her designs on. Check out @hasarialondon on Instagram for more. 

The aim?

Aneesa's aim is to make every woman feel exclusive and beautiful when wearing her designs. She designs and hand makes all the garments herself in London. 

The meaning of Hasaria?

The word 'HASARIA' means exclusive in Arabic. She decided to name the label this, as quality is very important to her and every garment she designs will define the word 'exclusive'. 


Meet the Team 

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Managing Director & Founder -

Aneesa Qureshi 

Fashion Intern at HASARIA -

Riddhi Varma

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