How to order

1. To order,  email 

You will need to include the following: 

  • Your name and address  

  • The name of the design which you like 

  • Your UK dress size and UK bra size (this is for the perfect fit)


2. We will then get back to you within a day

   If you are in London, we will be able to meet you in person to discuss your design and make it more personalised to you.      

4. An initial deposit of £80 will be required to secure your order followed by the final payment plus shipping after 21 days (3 weeks).

5. Your design will be delivered to you within 28 days of ordering. (All dates will be specified) 

Your exclusive Hasaria London design will be yours to wear on your special night.


No exchange and returns as the designs are made specifically and exclusively for you.

All prices are stated without postage, postage charges are added on top of the design.


HASARIA - By Aneesa Sabrina Qureshi